The Exterior Envelope: Facing Your Home

Source:  Dana Cornetto           Date: November 3, 2016

The veneer of your home tells a story. Judging a book by its cover may not be a good thing – but let’s be honest, a first glance at a home’s façade can tell a lot. When deciding on exterior face applications, one of the largest decisions to make is the exterior veneer – whether wood, stucco or stone, the options are endless and may seem overwhelming.

When considering natural stone, one must think “What story am I telling”. Is my home contemporary, traditional? Do I want to veneer the full square footage, or just the foundation/fireplace/retaining walls? Do I want dark colors, light colors - something to contrast or something to blend? The key to veneer is also what the balance of your exteriorscape is trying to say as well. Windows, doors, trims, hardscape & landscaping are all other pieces to the puzzle, they must all mesh well together.

Modern or contemporary homes may opt for a large scale stone in a solid tone – not a lot of movement, variation or veining. Running bond and stacked patterns call for a clean, simple look. Typically, veneering the entire house in the same stone will create less confusion for the eyes to travel, looking at one solid canvas makes for a sleek appeal. Marmiro Products to consider: Afyon Cloud or Deep Blue Sandblasted, Leather & Grass Finish.

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Traditional or transitional homes may opt for a neutral blend of colors, textures & finishes. Blending tans, browns, beiges & grays is common. Cladding the entire home gives a dramatic statement like a castle, where cladding the foundation, maybe 4 feet up will allow for stucco or siding to add a more calm feel. Running patterns (from your patio) vertically also is a creative option. Tumbled edges, splitface & rockface is common with this style, an Old World feel will never be out of style. Marmiro Products to consider: Terra travertine & Crema Eda®  3”, 6”, 9” Splitface Blend, Crema Eda Antiqued French Pattern 5/8”.

Making sure all your verticals match is also important. All vertical applications should either be the same color or same texture, adding too many elements will take away. Let the stone do the talking, usually less is more. For example, have all the following areas match: BBQ veneer, Firepit Veneer, risers, pool tile, cladding, retaining walls. The benefit of Marmiro, is that there are many thicknesses to pick from – your retaining wall can be thicker for strength, BBQ veneer thinner, and risers the thinnest – to allow for an overhang.

Think about the finished product, what all the elements of your exterior will look like combined. Selecting your façade should be enjoyable, just make sure to select the right one – after all, it’s set in stone!