Cool to the touch

Source:  Dana Cornetto           Date: February 14, 2017

You’ve created the perfect outdoor living space for your family, summer comes and the sun is beating on your patio – it’s so hot that you care barely step on it! Common patio stones such as granite or bluestone can be nice on the eyes, but not on the feet! These popular stones offer a nice look yes, but when your patio is too hot to even stand on, then what? Making sure you select a stone cool to the touch is crucial, after all – a patio is not temporary nor a small expense, so make sure you know all the details before selecting your stone.

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Deep Blue Marble

Being able to find the perfect stone for your patio can be influenced by many factors such as color, size, shape, price, availability and more. Something to keep in mind is the heat factor your stone will hold on a hot sunny day. The darker the color, the higher temperature a stone will hold. There are also other factors that will influence the heat of a stone, all depending on the stone’s characteristics and make up.

Heat Test

Heat tests allow for us to see the heat range a stone will get in the heat and direct sunlight. A heat gun is used to shoot the stone on multiple hot days for an accurate reading. On average, a bluestone paver will range between 150-160 degrees on an 88 degree, sun-shining day. This is a very popular stone, but a very popular complaint that comes along with it is – “it gets so hot!”. Try finding an alternative, similar in the look and price but will offer a comfort of coolness to the touch. Stay cool!